Meet Italian Connoisseur & Owner Rosemarie Dowey


I was born and raised in the little town of Maynard, Massachusetts. My parents were born and raised in Sicily, Italy. After they married, they moved to Boston in the 1950s. They started there life and set down roots in Maynard. I can remember always having my Grandparents close to us, having lots of parties with friends and family, and always an abundance of Italian food. Italian was the first language spoken in our home. At the age of nine, my parents decided to move back to Rome, Italy. As a child, I was blessed to have this opportunity and exciting adventure. Arriving at our new home in Rome was something out of a storybook for me. We had an 18 room villa which resembled a palace that came fully furnished. This is where the appreciation and my love for the Italian culture started. Living in Rome for almost six years was amazing, but not long enough for me. We moved back to Boston when I was 15 and along came all the furnishings, even the curtains and some chandeliers. No complaints from me; I loved it all. We settled in Maynard again for about 25 years. Several years later, a new adventure unfolded and we found ourselves moving to Washington State, furniture and all. Only this time I was older and had a home of my own. The furnishings stayed with my parents, for them and all of their guests to enjoy. We lived in Moses Lake, Washington. Moses Lake is a small rural town about three hours out of Seattle. We enjoyed the country lifestyle for 12 beautiful years. Somehow, life always has a way of leading us back to our roots. In July of 2015, we moved back to Massachusetts. Due to my parents getting older and wanting to downsize, we decided to sell some pieces in Washington, only because it was very hard transporting them back to Boston without destroying their natural beauty. The majority of our furniture did make it on the truck back to Massachusetts, however, as it was hard to separate from these pieces that were such a big part of us.

After several years of enjoying these beautiful treasures and getting older, we’ve decided that it is time to downsize and share these pieces with others to enjoy. These authentic pieces are original treasures that should be shared and showcased. After much debate, I decided it was time to share some of my family’s history with the community, and this is where Italian Treasurers & Interiors was born. Our store features a variety of rare and original pieces, unlikely to be found elsewhere. These unique pieces have been appraised to confirm their true value, and are not your everyday items. As much as furniture is a part of this store, there are a variety of other unique goods to be found within Italian Treasures & Interiors.

Italian Treasures & Interiors embraces the Italian Culture by also offering a variety of imported Italian goods, including but not limited to, premium pastas, olive oils, Perugina Chocolates, olives, sauces, espresso coffees, assorted packaged desserts, salami, and seasonings. Home essentials and gifts can also be found within Italian Treasures & Interiors, as we have an abundance of home goods, including Rockport Candles, china and kitchen items, original Capodimonte pieces, wine essentials, Italian crystal and silver, and custom gift baskets.

I’m excited to share this passion with my community! My future plans include bringing in more selective European pieces, goods, and decor. Please stop by my store to say hello and have a taste of La Dolce Vita, or give us a call and let us know how we can help you bring the joy of the Italian culture into your life!